Sergio Slavnov is one of New York’s most successful hairstylists for men, working with celebrities as well as a wide variety of successful professionals in New York City. In January 2020, he began his hair product line, Avenue Man, and is now providing men of style masculine, high-end hair products with certified organic ingredients available online worldwide.

To understand the quality of the hairstyles and styling products that Sergio provides to his customers, it helps to step into the past. Sergio's passion for hairstyling developed when he was a young child and visited fine art museums with his grandmother. He was fascinated with the captivating aesthetics and impressive hairstyles he saw in Roman and Greek sculptures, Renaissance paintings, and fine photography. He wondered how the artists made their subjects look so attractive to the eye. He took notice of the proportion and flow and style of the subjects’ hair and studied how an artist could turn a regular man into a masterpiece.
As an early teen growing up in a military family that didn’t believe in splurging on hair, Sergio had to settle for barbershops, where he received the same short, simple cuts. Wanting a more stylish look, Sergio started studying books taught at hairstyling academies and learned how to cut his own hair, creating a longer, more sophisticated look that not only made him feel confident, but got attention at school. He received so many compliments on his haircut that by the time he was fifteen, schoolmates were asking him to cut their hair. By age sixteen and still in high school, Sergio developed a loyal clientele through word of mouth that enabled him to achieve his independence. He moved out of his family’s apartment and set up his own home studio. Sergio’s father, a military doctor, wanted him to follow in his footsteps and attend medical school. He imagined his son would become just another barber, but Sergio knew he was going to follow his dream to become a top hairstylist.

Sergio Slavnov Trimming Tiktok/Instagram Star Corrado Martini hair during Avenue Man promotional shoot

The year after Sergio earned his license at a hairstyling academy, he entered five hairdressing competitions (including an international competition) and won them all. He was then employed by a high-end hair salon where he started to refine his trade. In just a few years, Sergio amassed a celebrity clientele, such as Elton John, Neil Sedaka, among other luminaries. The fashion world came calling and Sergio styled male models for photo shoots and runway shows. Traveling in private jets, staying at top hotels around the world, and doing amazing hair, Sergio had achieved even more than he had ever dreamed.

Inspired by the art scene, Sergio made his home base in New York City, continuing his lifelong love of culture at world-renowned museums, galleries, nightclubs, theatres, and concert halls. When Sergio became a single father, he wanted to make his son, George, a priority. He traded business travel to focus on his own private studio in midtown Manhattan. His creativity flourished as he focused his efforts on turning his clients’ regular looking hair into hairstyles seen on magazines, social media, movie screens, and TV.

While running one of the most popular hair studios for men desiring exceptional hairstyles, Sergio tried countless men’s hair products, but remained unsatisfied with what was available on the market. He decided it was the perfect time to create his own line of hairstyling products made of quality ingredients tailored for men’s hair. With attention to a masculine scent and design, Avenue Man Hair Products was born. Through Avenue Man, Sergio can enhance his creativity as an artist; producing and directing high-quality photo shoots and hairstyling video tutorials featuring models, dancers, and musicians that have received hundreds of thousands of views online. Avenue Man Hair Products can be found on the sets of TV shows and fashion shoots.

Sergio is pleased to bring his Avenue Man Hair Products to help clients in his studio as well as men around the world to achieve the hairstyle of their dreams. Sergio’s passion for cutting and styling hair is reflected in the reviews by his many satisfied customers. They testify that when you book an appointment with Sergio Slavnov, you can look forward to the best, most stylish haircut you have ever received.