Haircuts by Sergio Slavnov

I am a New York-based hair stylist specializing in men’s haircuts and design.

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To answer questions from clients regarding hair style, I would mostly agree with GQ magazine:

“The Best Men’s Haircuts to Try in 2020 Are Anything But Boring.  If you want to bring your hair into 2020, you’re going to grow it long, groom it less. Today’s best looks are natural and wild. Essentially, hair is finally fun again.”

“The ultra-groomed high fade heyday is over but that doesn’t mean one of the most popular men’s haircuts is dead altogether. One way to modernize the cut is to let the length on top wave and curl up as nature intended (if you sneak a curling iron in there, we won’t judge). Don’t be quite as precious with the sides either and the whole style will take on a whole new vibe while still looking just as great from the sides as the tidier version.”

“Big hair, long hair, let-it-do-whatever-it-wants hair is very much the grooming vibe right now.”

I am looking for male models with longer hair.  If selected, a discount rate can be given.  If you have a longer hair style and would like to be a model please send a photo of your hairstyle to

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Haircuts by Sergio Slavnov.

My name is Sergio Slavnov.  I’m a New York State licensed professional with more than 15 years of experience in cutting hair.  My clients receive personalized services while enjoying the intimate setting of my private and upscale studio.  I work one-on-one to ensure they receive my full attention and are completely satisfied with their haircuts.  Some of my clients include celebrities, children and the elderly.

Prices range from $90 to $140 in my studio.  I start at lunch hours and work till midnight including weekends.  Making an appointment in advance is recommended.


– Clients receive luxury attention from an award-winning stylist in a private setting without the noise and crowd of a typical salon.

– Flexibility allows clients to choose which times work best for them, unlike typical salons, which are usually closed during later hours and on weekends.


Established in 2004, award winning hairstylist Sergio Slavnav works in his private studio and travels to client’s homes aside from having traveled with celebrity clients.

Client Feedback

“Sergei is my one and only hairdresser in New York City for the last 4 years. He always agrees to accommodate my craziest requests. Also he is really good at suggesting what would look good on me and what not.  He was available on a short notice plenty of times. He is not a morning person, but he would accommodate me even around midnight if I really need it.”

Val B.
Val B.New York, NYYelp

“My favorite haircut experience ever ! Sergei is an amazing hairstylist and took a lot of time and care while my cutting my hair. Since my hair is long, Sergei didn’t want to cut it short so he did my haircut in small steps, asking me if I was satisfied with the length every time. He really spent a lot of time on my hair and it came out looking amazing. He also gives great suggestions for hair care and is very knowledgeable.

Aside from that Sergei is really really friendly and that’s what made my experience so good. We had a great conversation and I was never bored during the hour that Sergei was cutting my hair for.

Bonus: Sergei also has a pet dog that you get to see if you are into that kind of thing. She’s super friendly and enjoyable !”

Sumer S.
Sumer S. Santa Barbara, CA

“At 1145pm on a Sunday evening Sergei was able to accommodate me in an emergency situation. He gave me an incredibly perfect haircut and I will certainly be back. He pays extremely close attention to detail and is passionate about his craft. At his price, he cannot be beaten.”

Nicholas R.
Nicholas R.New York, NYYelp

“Sergei is brilliant. His home studio was very clean and he was an absolute gentleman. He was personable and knew exactly what he was doing. It is one of the best haircuts I’ve gotten in years.
There is no other stylist I could recommend more highly if you are looking for personal professional hair care. I am sure he is experienced for women’s hair and his celebrity client list was very impressive.
5 stars is not enough, Sergei is a 6 Gold Star professional and now my regular stylist. I am going to be a return client for many years to come.”

Glen K.
Glen K.Manhattan, NYYelp

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