Transform Your Look with NYC's Top Stylist Sergio Slavnov

Looking for a fresh take on the curly fringe? Visit NYC’s best stylist for longer men’s hairstyles, Sergio Slavnov. Known for his creative cuts, Sergio is the go-to expert for young men wanting to elevate their look with a modern twist. In his latest styling session, Sergio used Avenue Man Sea Salt Hair Spray to add texture and volume, bringing out the natural dynamics of each curl. He followed with Avenue Man Curl Activating Spray, perfect for enhancing and defining curls, ensuring they stay lively and controlled throughout your day. Whether you're revamping your style or just starting out with a new look, Sergio’s creative approach and expert touch make every haircut stand out. Experience the art of hairstyling with one of NYC's finest. For more hair fashion inspiration, follow on Instagram to stay updated with the latest trends in men's hair. Dive into detailed styling techniques and gain valuable tips by visiting Sergio’s YouTube channel at Ready to transform your look with a standout curly fringe? Book your appointment with Sergio at and visit to explore and purchase the Avenue Man Hair Products used during your styling session.