Sergio presents - Classic Quiff

The Classic Quiff by Sergio Slavnov, styled with Avenue Man Hair Products.

A less polished alternative to the pompadour, the quiff is an iconic style that suits a wide range of ages, face shapes, and personal styles. Like the pompadour, though, the quiff isn’t best suited to those with receding hairlines as it exposes the forehead. Before your cut, make sure you’ve decided whether a classic or contemporary take on the quiff works best for you. The classic quiff features a softer back and sides, which are kept short, but not severely so. The contemporary take can feature a dramatic contrast between long hair at the top of the head and a tightly clipped back and sides, producing a ‘disconnected’ effect. Face shape is also an important consideration. Since the quiff offers natural volume, it’s best not to take the hair at the sides and back too short if you have a long face. To style, apply a Sculpting Foam or any other hair mousse to towel-dried hair and comb through to evenly distribute. Then, blow-dry the hair using a hairdryer set to the highest temperature setting and the lowest speed while simultaneously using a vented brush to sweep the hair into your preferred shape. Remember to finish off with strong-hold hairspray, for example, Extreme Hold hairspray or Firm Hold hairspray by Avenue Man hair products, to make sure your efforts don’t go instantly to waste.