Preserve Your Long Hair with NYC Stylist Sergio Slavnov

Preserve Your Long Hair with NYC Stylist Sergio Slavnov

Preserve the splendor of your signature long mane with NYC's celebrated hairstylist, Sergio Slavnov. Known for his meticulous care and artistry, Sergio is the go-to stylist for models and performers who want to maintain their iconic looks without sacrificing length. At his studio, your long hair receives the royal treatment, ensuring every trim perfectly frames your features.

For styling, Sergio utilizes Avenue Man Volume Lift Styling Mousse to elevate your hair's natural body and shine, ensuring it remains lightweight and voluminous. This product is essential for anyone in the spotlight needing their hair to look flawless from every angle.

Book your session with Sergio and experience why he’s renowned for preserving the beauty of long locks. Visit to schedule your appointment. Your hair isn’t just a part of your look; it's a part of your personal and professional identity.

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