Sergio presents - Long fringe

Men's long fringe haircut by Sergio Slavnov with Avenue Man Hair Products

One of the simplest ways to vary your hairstyle and flatter your face is with a fringe. Bangs can really impact your overall look and bring out your features in a whole new light.


Fringes may be long or short and cut round, pointy or irregularly, but no matter which you prefer, we’ll show a few attractive men’s hairstyles with bangs. There’s no doubt that fringes dramatically change the overall appearance of your face and work especially well on people who have short hair. They also suit long hairstyles for men incredibly well and can be a nice change if you want to add an interesting, new aspect to your hair. Men’s haircuts with bangs can drastically influence how your face looks, depending on the type of fringe you wear.


Discuss the best fringe for your face shape, hair length, and hair type with your hair stylist