Men's Long Fringe Haircut by Sergio Slavnov

Embark on a styling journey with Sergio Slavnov, the mastermind hairstylist whose exceptional work has not only captured the essence of modern elegance but has also been featured in the prestigious pages of GQ and Vogue. This narrative unfolds around fashion model Alex, who, under the artful hands of Sergio, received a transformative Men’s Long Fringe Haircut that meticulously blends sophistication with the free-spirited essence of today’s man.

The process is as captivating as the result. Sergio begins with a precise trim, sculpting Alex’s hair to frame his features while enhancing its natural texture. But the magic doesn’t end there. To breathe life into the cut, Sergio reaches for the Avenue Man Sea Salt Hair Spray. This essential product elevates the hair, giving it volume and a mesmerizing, beach-inspired texture that’s effortlessly chic. The finishing stroke in this masterpiece of hairstyling is the Avenue Man Super Hold Hair Spray. Its application ensures that the style not only captures attention but holds it, securing the look with a stronghold that moves with the wearer, offering both durability and a touch of whimsy throughout any event or ordinary day.

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