Maintain Your Surfer Look with NYC's Top Stylist Sergio Slavnov

Maintain Your Surfer Look with NYC's Top Stylist Sergio Slavnov

If you’re rocking long curly hair and want to maintain your surfer look with a touch of city chic, Sergio Slavnov is your go-to stylist in NYC. Renowned for his expertise in medium length and long hairstyles, Sergio understands how to enhance your natural curls while keeping that laid-back vibe.

During your session, Sergio will use Avenue Man Volume Lift Styling Mousse to give your curls that extra lift without weighing them down. He'll also apply Avenue Man Curl Defining Cream, perfect for defining each curl and adding a healthy shine that lasts. This combination ensures your locks look effortlessly stylish and perfectly groomed.

Whether you’re catching waves or navigating the urban jungle, maintaining your surfer aesthetic with a professional edge has never been easier. Trust Sergio to keep your curls looking their best.

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