Let's Face It: Timothée Chalamet Has The Perfect Head Of Hair

How To Get

The Timothée Chalamet Look

His texture inspires major envy, attracting all genders and hair types to emulate a similar look and style. A Hollywood icon rarely has a mane so covetable that his female fans are not only swooning for his charm and good looks (and his acting skills, of course)—but because they want his perfectly tousled strands, too.

Keep reading to see what the pros recommend when trying to replicate a hairstyle like Timothée Chalamet's.

The Haircut

Any good hairstyle begins with a good haircut, so naturally - so getting longer layers, keeping it shaggy around the hairline and ears, and longer on top and front where it falls right above the eyes. A modern shag, which has more layers, would also be great for adding more texture.


If you've been growing your hair out and have just hit that awkward phase wherein you're tempted to have things clean around, this is your prime time to get a trim and re-shape your hair to support that Chalamet vibe you've set your eyes on.


Often times when you're growing your hair out, it all becomes one length, and the top can sort of flop over like rabbit ears, and it gets heavy.


By separating the top section of the hair and layering everything else around the head - those layers are going to support the longer length on top. If you have thicker hair and that top section still feels heavy, it is good to take some weight out. Removing some of that weight can also help prevent the length up top from flopping so much.

The Rinse


With this type the best is washing your hair no more than twice a week. Washing the hair too much can dry the hair out. It's true—your scalp naturally produces sebum (oil) that, for many of us, helps give the hair that perfect lived-in look. When you want the more undone bedhead look, a lived-in look is where it's at. When it does come time for your weekly rinse, try Avenue Man Fortifying Shampoo and Volumizing Conditioner. The shampoo has a really great lather, and the conditioner won't over condition so much that it weighs the hair down.


If you already have wavy hair - it's just about locking in those waves. Having some natural movement to your hair gets you off to a great start when wanting to emulate Chalamet's 'do. It's just about using the right products to hold your waves into their natural shape for days on end. With guys who have less wavy hair and need to add more texture to create a lived-in look, we recommend using any of our Avenue Man Hair Mousses. Check our YouTube Chanel “Men’s Hairstyling with Avenue Man” to find video tutorials.

The Hold


While Avenue Man hair mousses can help enhance your hair's body, you'll still want to give it a little bit of lightweight hold to help support your style so it'll last. We recommend Avenue Man’s Curl Defining Cream to define the waviness and gloss the ends. This cream is perfect to vertically hold up the hair at the root for added volume and separation around the hairline. Putting a diffuser sock over your blowdryer is another great way to lock in your style and product with a hint of heat if needed, and to protect the hair from frizzing as it dries.