Sometimes understanding when you should go to a hairstylist over a barber can be quite the challenge!

Men’s long wavy hair trim by Sergio Slavnov. 

Styling with Sculpting Foam followed by Curl Defining Cream by the Avenue Man Hair Products


When it comes to men’s long hair trims or cuts, the options are limited. For something quick and basic, there are barbershops. But since the best way of standing out from the pack is by curating your own unique style, a typical No. 3 on the sides with a high fade just won’t make the cut for many guys today. This is when stylists specializing in men’s long hair design, like Sergio Slavnov,  enter the picture.

And what’s the difference between the two? - A barber is trained specifically to cut hair with clippers primarily and usually straight-razor shave,” hairstylists are trained to cut longer, fuller Men’s styles, will deal with any length of hair, offer treatments, and primarily use scissors.  In addition to being able to style short or long men's hair and specializing in scissor work, men’s hairstylists spend more time personalizing the overall experience and getting to know you better as a person. Communication is key. Men aren’t always the best at expressing themselves, so one of the best men’s hairstylists in NYC, Sergio Slavnov, is someone who listens and understands what you want and what you like.